Meet the Team at Raceway Chrysler


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  • Reg Nimeck

  • Lili Baciu
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rob Gowe
    General Manager

    Rob has 30 years in automotive retail. He is originally from Ottawa but started selling cars in Vancouver.  He has worked his way up from Sales, Finance Office, New and Used Vehicle Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager. 

    "We believe in complete customer satisfaction"  "My team is on the same page throughout the store, customers are #1."

  • Nichole Mcminn
    General Sales Manager

    Nichole has been in the retail automotive industry for more than two decades. Starting her career as a salesperson, Nichole worked her way up to Lease Retention Manager, Finance Manager, New Vehicle Sales Manager, and General Sales Manager.

     Nichole worked with the Raceway Auto Group on a contract basis for 4 years; before having the opportunity in July 2019 to join the Raceway Chrysler team as a General Sales Manager.

     "In an industry where there are very few true family owned dealerships left, being able to work within a group of family run stores where the customer is treated like part of that family is the best part of my job."

     Nichole would love you to stop in, phone, or email anytime!

     And Remember…. Don't overpay…buy from Raceway!

  • Armando Icaza
    Sales Manager

    Armando started his automotive sales career in Ottawa as a sales associate.  He got an opportunity to come to Toronto where with Raceway Chrysler he started as an Assistant Manager and was quickly recognized for his talent and was promoted to Used Car Sales Manager.

    "Working for the Raceway Group has been both a challenging and rewarding experience!"

  • Jay Samayoa
    Sales Manager

    Jay brings 20 years of experience to the Raceway auto Group.

    He started as a sales person and progressed to Finance Manager and has been a Sales Manager for the last 9 years.

    Now a Sales Manager for the Raceway auto group he's looking forward to growing with the team and reaching all of their goals and objectives, foremost of which is making sure the customer is always the first priority.

  • Jennifer Abraham
    Fleet Manager
    416 743 9900 Ext 144

  • Daniel Huntington
    Service Manager

    Daniel started at Raceway Chrysler in 2016, he began his career as an apprentice and then went on to be an FCA technician for over 20 years. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family at the cottage and watching football.

  • Jack Stewart
    Parts Manager

    Jack joined the Raceway group in Sept of 2018 and brings 13 years of parts experience. Working his way up as a driver, to advisor, wholesaler, then to Manager. He brings a world of experience. When he's away from the dealer, Jack enjoys spending time with friends and family and cheering on his Toronto Maple Leafs.

  • Vince Micallef
    Body Shop Manager

    Vince has been in the automotive Collision Industry for over 30 years.  Starting his career as a Detailer looking for imperfections, he worked his way up to be come a licensed Autobody Technician.  He did that for many years perfecting his craft and was recognized for it and became a Body Shop Manager.  

    "When the opportunity at Raceway Chrysler came up, I gladly took it because it was the environment I wanted to be in, working as part of a great team at a great Automotive Group."

  • Rob Valeri
    Internet Sales Manager

    Rob has been in sales for over 25 years.  He had sold EVERYTHING except cars and houses.  His love of cars and people led him to the business by chance when one day he was purchasing his own car and the General Manager of the store asked him if had ever wanted to get into car sales.  Sometimes things just fall into place and Rob started selling cars 8 years ago and building on his love of cars, sales and technology, Rob got the opportunity to become the Internet Sales Manager at Raceway Chrysler and is LOVING the challenge! 

  • Baz Tahririha
    Financial Services Manager

    Baz got his foot in the door right out of high school as a clean up attendant for a major dealer. This was his first job and he was so excited to learn and see potential career choices first hand. When he applied to be a salesman he was told that he "looked too young to sell cars".  

     He then decided to go back to school where he studied Mechanical Engineering at Ontario Tech University. It was a great learning experience but he felt unfulfilled and wanted a career where he worked more closely with people. He knew he had to give sales another try. He finally got his opportunity to sell cars and has built a social media following around it. Keeping things fun, positive and customer experience oriented has helped Baz to surpass peers who have been in the business for much longer than himself.

     Finally when it was time to take the next step, he knew becoming a financial services manager was right for him. His career has always been focused on helping others and he's looking forward to what the future brings!

    Personally, Baz loves to race cars at the track, create video content, constantly learn new things and host BBQs in the summer. You haven't lived until you've tried Baz's slow cooked Cajun and Lime wings. Find Baz on Instagram @thebigbazzy and   

  • George Adam
    Financial Services Advisor

    George has been in the automotive industry for 18 years. Starting out as a sales professional in 2001, he became passionate in helping people and being a part of their family.  Working hard through his career, putting his focus in the financial field for the last 15 years, he's become immensely knowledgeable as a Financial Services Manager.

     "living every day with a smile" is the best way to describe George.  His positive attitude is contagious and will definitely put anyone at ease and make you feel right at home.  Come out to Raceway and say hello to George.

  • Moe Muntasir
    Financial Services Manager

    Moe joins Raceway Chrysler with 17 years of Chrysler experience.

    He started as a Sales Person on the floor. Then worked his way up as a  Sales Manager.

    Wanting a new challenge and to help people, for the past 10 years he has been working as a Financial Services Manager.

    He has done it all but is is always ready to do more.

    Moe is a devoted family man with a wife and three kids who keep him motivated to do well.

    Come say hi to him anytime he will be ready to answer any of your questions.

  • Jude Hutchinson
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    416 743 9900 Ext 147

  • Bob Saeed
    Sales & Leasing consultant
    416 743 9900 Ext 146

  • Shan Ravindran
    Sales Consultant

  • Sami Khalaf
    Sales Consultant

  • Al Payami
    Sales Consultant

  • Amit Patel

  • Danish Munir
    Sales Support

  • Natasha Sehgal
    Assistant Controller

  • Kat Ryder
    Fleet Manager

    Kat started in the business working a summer job as a detailer for a body shop. After graduating from Ryerson, she started selling cars at an FCA dealership in the GTA. When a position opened in the accounting department at Raceway Chrysler, she jumped at the opportunity to explore a different side of the car business. After three years of learning the ins and out accounting, Kat is excited to return to sales in the position of Fleet Manager.

     With family in the industry, Kat has certainly found her home at Raceway Chrysler.

  • Kim Tri

  • Karen Coates
    Accounting Clerk

  • Scott Nimeck
    Accounting Clerk

  • Sam Sauro
    Parts Specifier

  • Ben Goldsmith
    Mopar Parts Advisor

  • Emily Elliot
    Mopar Parts Specialist

  • Len Wetmore
    Parts Specifier
    416 743 9900 Ext 173

  • Kasey Craig
    Service Advisor

  • Melissa Pjontek
    Service Advisor

  • Daniel Shin
    Internal Service Advisor

  • Neha Sehgal

  • Melissa Lopez

  • Kyle
    Body Shop

  • Bodyshop Team