The Chrysler Employee Program, also called the FCA Canada Employee Advantage Purchase / Lease Program, offers a range of exclusive benefits to those who work for the FCA corporation. Participants have the opportunity to purchase and lease the most recent vehicles and are also eligible for premium discounts. It certainly pays to work for one of the best automakers in the world.

What Does It Include?

Eligible employees, retirees and surviving spouses are allowed to purchase / lease a TOTAL OF SIX (6) (FCA Canada Employees/Retirees) or TOTAL OF TWO (2) (CNH Canada / FIAT Group / CpK Interior Products Employees/Retirees) vehicles each calendar year for their Personal Use including additional vehicles for other eligible participants (see Section "Eligible Participants").

"Employee Price" means the price printed on the factory invoice of a car and identified as "EP".  The Employee Price does not include, and the Eligible Participant purchasing or leasing a vehicle under this Program is responsible for, all applicable provincial and local taxes, license and dealership administrative fees.

How Do I Get Started?

To get your Employee Discount, you have to log into the Employee Advantage website.  This is the website where you will get your control number for your discount purchase.  Enter the password "employee" in the employee field or "family" in the Affiliates and family section. 

Once on the site you will be required to provide your CID number (Corporate Identification Number) which you can find on your pay stub and your date of birth to generate a control number.  This control number will be generated immediately and will also be sent to your work (FCA) email address and personal (home) email address. You are responsible for giving your control number to the buyer and/or the dealer. To request a control number, simply go to y the Employee Advantage website and select Generate Control Number.

Eligible Customers

1. Participants MUST be Canadian residents.

2. Employees, Retirees & Eligible Family Members of the following companies:

·         FCA Canada Inc.
·         CNH Canada (FIAT Group)
·         CpK Interior Products

Participants as categorized by one of the following groups:

·         Permanent Employee:
·         with a minimum of 90 days service
·         on Leave of Absence
·         on Lay-off for less than one year
·         of Unifor Staff office and their Regional Offices*
·         Retiree:
·         under a regular pension plan or retirement grow-in program
·         of Unifor Staff office and their Regional Offices*
·         Surviving Spouse
·         Spouse (married or common-law)
·         Children/Step-children (dependant or non-dependant)
·         Spouses of Children
·         Parents (direct or in-law)
·         Siblings (brother, sister, brother/sister in-law, half-brother/sister, step brother/sister)
·         Grandchildren
·         Grandparents (of Employee, Retiree or Surviving Spouse)

·         Notes: i) If the eligible employee, retiree or surviving spouse is deceased, the eligibility ceases

·         ii) *Eligible permanent employee, retiree, spouse or children of Unifor Staff office and their Regional Offices are limited to a total of one (1) vehicle each calendar year


·     Temporary employees, contract workers, service agreement workers, part-time employees, terminated employees and former employees eligible for, or receiving, deferred vested pension benefits under an FCA Canada Inc. sponsored pension plan.

·      Nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles.

·      Upon the death of the employee's or retiree's surviving spouse, all previously eligible family members.

·         All other individuals determined to be ineligible to participate according to program rules.


The program allows eligible participants to order a new vehicle, or purchase / lease directly from Dealer inventory. The Dealer is not obligated to sell from inventory, but may do so at his / her discretion.

The step-by-step procedure for purchasing is detailed below:

1. Limitations:

  1. a) Eligible employees, retirees and surviving spouses are allowed to purchase / lease a TOTAL OF SIX (6) (FCA Canada Employees/Retirees) or TOTAL OF TWO (2) (CNH Canada / FIAT Group / CpK Interior Products Employees/Retirees) vehicles each calendar year for their Personal Use including additional vehicles for other eligible participants (see Section "Eligible Participants").
  2. b) Vehicle must be licensed in the name of the eligible participant (joint-signing is permissible)
  3. c) Eligible participants must retain the vehicle for a minimum of six months from date of purchase or if leased, minimum one year from the start of the lease.

Model Eligibility

All eligible new and unused 2018/2019/2020 Model Year Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram & FIAT passenger cars and trucks delivered at retail (Type of Sale 1, L or E) during the program period, including demos (may have up to 20,000 KM), (except as stated in the "Ineligible Vehicles" section below) from dealer stock or factory ordered may be purchased or leased.

These models are available now at the dealership! 
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Ineligible vehicles:

·         2019/2020/2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
·         2019/2020/2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
·         Used vehicles
·         Vehicles having odometer mileage in excess of that incidental to transport of the        vehicle as new prior to the date of licensing and titling (excluding demos)
·         Special Bids and any vehicles sold to daily rental or fleet customers
·         Vehicles sold to non-authorized dealers, and conversion companies
·         Vehicles sold for export from Canada
·         Vehicles specifically excluded by FCA Canada Inc.
·         Vehicles purchased / leased by any broker or non-authorized dealer for the purpose    of resale or lease
·         Vehicle sales which were facilitated by a third party who is not an employee / retiree    of an authorized Dealer
·         Replacement vehicles as a result of an arbitration award, settlement agreement,        judgment, or voluntary agreement for a vehicle reacquired by FCA Canada Inc.



The following general rules apply UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED in the applicable retail incentive program rules:

i) Participants ARE eligible to receive:

·         Retail incentives including Consumer Cash, Dealer Cash, Bonus Cash

·         Subvented Financing / Leasing

·         "Option Discounts" (ie: reduced price option sales) at WHOLESALE VALUE.

·       Full value of "Final Payment" monies paid on discontinued or prior year models.

·         Direct mail certificates.

·         Dealer Cash (if applicable)

·         Autoability Program

ii) Participants ARE NOT eligible to receive:

·         Employee Choice Program - 2090EC
·         Affiliate Employee Purchase Program - 2090AF
·         Dealership Employee Purchase/Lease Program - 2041/2090D*
·         Preferred Price Program - 2024
·         Friends Program - 2025

·         Various other incentive programs introduced during the calendar year and specified within the program rules. 

See the employee website or call our sales department for more details about the Chrysler Employee Discount Program or friends and family discount. 

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