Reg Nimeck

Reg Nimeck

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Reg is the President of the Raceway Automotive Group alongside his brother, Gordon Nimeck. Together, they own and operate Raceway Chrysler, Oakville Chrysler, South Oakville Chrysler, and Galt Chrysler.


Reg attended Northwood University in Michigan where he graduated from their Automotive Management program. After graduating, he returned to Toronto where he gained experience selling vehicles at a dealership in the GTA. After a few years, he returned to his family business at Raceway to work alongside his father, Ed Nimeck, and brother. It was important to him to work in every department and develop a deep understanding of every role and responsibility in the dealership, including Sales Manager, Finance Manager, and General Manager. Eventually, Reg and Gordon bought the dealership from Ed when he was ready to retire from the business in 1998. Over the last 25 years, they have grown Raceway into an Automotive Group that includes three other Stellantis brand stores across the GTA employing over 300+ people, making the Raceway Auto Group the largest Stellantis Dealer Group in Ontario.


We are proud to operate a dealership that has been recognized as one of the top Stellantis dealers in Canada over the last 55 years and are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver competitive pricing and 5-star service to our clients. No matter how many years go by or how big the store grows, the original motto is simple: your happiness is our success. We focus on our customer and employee happiness first and trust that success naturally comes paired with that.


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