Sal Dellaterza

Sal Dellaterza

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Sal began selling cars at Raceway in 2014 after starting a family and looking for a position with long-term potential. At this time, the market was tight and business was very competitive. He joined a sales team of experienced salespeople who had a book of business going back 10+ years. Still, he found a way to grow and establish himself as one of the highest-rated salespeople on the team within a year. He had ambitions of growing into a management role and through hard work and dedication to the team, he worked his way to becoming Raceway's General Sales Manager where he is now in charge of the New & Used Car Department Sales.


Sal's favourite thing about being at Raceway is interacting with our customers. Some of our clients have turned into friends over the years of doing business with us, and have been coming to Raceway for so long that they are on a first-name basis with our entire staff.


Sal takes pride in our commitment to our customer's happiness and satisfaction with their purchase. If a client has a concern about a vehicle or the purchase process, Sal is the first one to step up and find a resolution for them.


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