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Pre-Owned Vehicle Disclaimer: Expand for full disclaimer. 
Pricing: Prices listed above are for cash buyers only, any customers requiring the dealership to facilitate financing or leasing on their behalf  may be subject to an additional loan/lease processing fee of $499. Any customers trading in a vehicle which requires the dealership to process a loan/lien payout or lease buyout will be subject to an additional lien payoff fee of $299.  Prices in exclude licensing fee, insurance, and taxes which will be required at time of purchase and may not include dealer-installed options and accessories. All prices are in Canadian dollars (unless otherwise indicated). Although the intention is to have our pricing completely up to date, pricing is subject to change without notice based on market value. 
While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data listed in the specifications section and the dealer written description, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Despite our best efforts, mistakes will naturally occur from time to time when it comes to vehicle listings and we reserve the right to make changes to the listings as we see fit. Please verify any information in question with a dealership sales representative. 
Offer to Purchase: While every customer may submit an offer to purchase that is below our advertised price, there is no guarantee that the Dealer will accept that offer or choose to negotiate on the advertised price. Information provided at this site does not constitute an offer or guarantee of available prices or financing. Offers may vary by province. 
Vehicle Availability: Vehicles listed on our website and/or related sites (Autotrader, Kijiji, etc.) are vehicles in our current inventory. Certain vehicles may have pending deals, deposits, or active deals being negotiated, in which case we will not update the listing to reflect a pending deal or deal being negotiated. Similarly, a vehicle listed here may be sold so recently such that the website has not had enough time to update its availability status. The website is not a live indicator of every deal being worked at this exact moment - please confirm with dealer for availability and complete details. 
Keys: Our used vehicles all come with at least one key. Some vehicles may come with just one - but others may come with two or even three if we were given them by the previous owner. Please confirm with Dealer as to how many keys the vehicle listed comes equipped with. 
Pre-Owned Vehicle Condition/ Wear & Tear: Since the vehicles listed as "used vehicles" are pre-owned, they may have some wear and tear naturally. We may not photograph and document every specific aspect of natural wear and tear in our listings, but we will always give a client the opportunity to test drive and visually inspect the vehicle in detail at their discretion before a purchase is finalized. Pre-owned vehicles get traded in to us in in many conditions. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to either inspect the vehicle in person or ask us for a detailed inspection report of any defects (if purchasing remotely) before your purchase. This gives you the opportunity to review the condition of the vehicle exterior & interior for cosmetic defects including but not limited to dents, dings, scratches, etc. We try to picture our vehicles in the most detailed way possible to give the purchaser an accurate depiction of the vehicle condition online. However, close up or small defects may not always be visible. All pre-owned vehicles will naturally have some wear & tear. All vehicles sold as seen and equipped unless otherwise agreed to on a purchase agreement. 
Certification: Our pre-owned vehicles are sold certified which means they are registered with a safety standards certificate as per Ontario Safety Standards, unless stated sold "AS IS". 
Demo Vehicle: Demo Vehicles are considered gently used vehicles. Any vehicle listed as a DEMO may have been driven or is currently being driven by dealership staff and as such, the kilometers may not be completely exact - although we try our best to keep them as accurate as possible. The actual kilometers may be slightly higher or lower than what you see listed. Contact Dealer to confirm exact kilometers on any DEMO vehicle.
Dealer Trades/Wholesale Purchasing: There is a $499 wholesale processing fee. Not all vehicles are available for wholesale purchase, please call to find out which are available.