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2014 SRT VIPER Toronto

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At Raceway Chrysler, we're VIPER and SRT enthusiasts just like you. Our owner Reg Nimeck is a VIPER club member, and we're the home of Ontario's #1 Viper technican Garrett Nalepka. We provide a full range of service, repair, and modification for our clients.

About Garrett Nalepka Garrett's VIPER Pit

Garrett Nalepka is Raceway's #1 VIPER and SRT Technician. As the Technical Director of Viper Club, Ontario Chapter and a faculty member with Centennial College, he has an unparalleled depth of experience on the VIPER and SRT line of vehicles. His commitment and exceptional level of training are reflected in the accolades of VIPER owners across Ontario.

Garretts VIPER Pit

What real a VIPER customer says about Garrett's Service:

"I just wanted to thank Garrett @ Raceway Chrysler for helping a fellow Viper owner last night. If you're not already taking your car to Garrett then you need to be! You will not beat his service.

My car stalled out on my at a stop sign yesterday evening. I gave Garrett a quick call who not only walked me through some possible culprits but also took the time to check for known issues through Chrysler bulletins from his home computer. When I still couldn't get the car going he made a couple of calls and put me in touch with a tow truck driver who was very familiar with getting Vipers on flatbeds. The flatbed driver CAA sent me made me pretty nervous so I sent him away and reached out to Garrett for his contact. He was also kind enough to call one of his guys at the shop who stayed late for me so that the car could be tucked into the shop for safe storage. What other technician of any car brand would give you that kind of service???

Thank you very much Garrett for your patience and making sure that my car got the attention it needed. I just got the car back home and she is running like she used to!"

- Chenner, Viper Club of America Forums